Rotila is an old designation for Rettel as it has been attested by “Valla Rotovallum” (annales de Trèves) in 620. But one knows it from other names, approaching for sure, like Ruttila in 1218.

The history of Rettel is related to the existence of a convent which was occupied first by the Benedictines, then by the Carthusians since 1431. Of that time dates the “Maison de la Dîme”, listed since 1948 as a historical monument. Here, the Carthusians stored temporarily the income of the taxes they levied on various properties. Other buildings in Rettel bear witness to river activity of the town. In Rettel you can also find one of the oldest Bildstock of the region.


The Maison de la Dîme (XV. century).

The Maison des bâteliers (boatmen) (XVII. Centurry) and maison des pêcheurs (fishermen) (XVIII. century).

Farm of the Carthusians and farm of Königsberg.

Lorraine Railway Museum, established in an old house of Lorraine.

Boxwood forest known as Buxaie du Pällembësch.

Church Saint-Laurent which was rebuilt after the war, after the old church was destroyed by bombings in the 1993-1945 war.

Former abbey Saint-Sixte of Rettel, successively Benedictine, Carthusian and Dominicain.



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